Study Closure

Investigators are responsible for closing out the study when the research is complete.

Timing: Investigators must submit a study closure file once a study is complete.


There are two methods to close your study.

1. Close your study at your next annual review.

Sixty days before your expiration date, you will receive a notice that your Annual Check-in or Continuing Review is due. At the end of the notice you will find a link to your annual check-in or continuing review submission form. Click this link or copy the link into your internet browser to complete the annual check-in or continuing review form.

When asked “What type of report are you submitting?”, select “Final Report" or "Study Closure".


2. Close your study before your next annual review.

If you need to close your study before your annual review, contact the ORC at to let them know you want to close the study. Be sure to include the IRB number in your request.

They will send you an email with a link to your submission’s study closure form.

Study Closure Frequently Asked Questions

A study can be closed once all of the following occur:

  • Subject recruitment has concluded (i.e., no participant recruitment is in progress or anticipated)
  • All subject specimens, records, and data have been collected (i.e., no further collection of data/information from or about living individuals is needed)
  • All interactions or interventions with participants are completed (i.e., no further contact with the subject is necessary or anticipated)
  • Analyses of identifiable subject data, records, and specimens are finished (i.e., use of or access to identifiable subject data is no longer necessary).